Frontliner - Space
Frontliner - Summer(Original Mix)
Frontliner feat. Ellie - Lose the Style
Frontliner and DV8 Rocks! - We Are Electric
Frontliner - Tell Me (Radio Edit) (Radio Edit)
Frontliner - TBA 2 (One More Time)
Frontliner - I'm The Melodyman (Sander van Doorn Remix) (Sander van Doorn Remix)
Frontliner - Demons
Frontliner, B-Front - Space Warrior
Frontliner - Save.Exit.Planet(Original Mix)
Frontliner - Our District
Frontliner - Discorecord
Frontliner - Keep It Up(Original Mix)
Frontliner - Beam Me Into Space
Frontliner - Weekend Warriors (Official Defqon.1 2013 Anthem)
Frontliner - Come To Me(Original Mix)
Frontliner - Good & Evil
Frontliner and Nexone - Run(Extended Mix)
Frontliner, Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Frontliner Remix) (Frontliner Remix)
Frontliner and Seri - Rains Of Fire
Frontliner feat. Katt Niall - (We Are) Indestructible
Frontliner - You Need Me(Extended Mix)
Frontliner - Feels Good Right Here
B-Front - Virus (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
Frontliner - Rotterdam
Frontliner - Bolivia(Decibel Edit)
Code Black, Nitrouz - Can't Hold Me Back (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
Frontliner - You Got Me Rocking
Frontliner - Save.Exit.Planet(Dock45 Mix)
Frontliner - What You Come For
Frontliner - I Wanna Give
Frontliner - You Need Me(Edit)