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Album: RUS-Y-RAP (playlist:
Artist: YA'AN ()
Lyrics: YA'AN
Linguistic Corrections: O. DUC
Producer: KANZBAR
Guitar: M. SMOTER
Scratch: DJ KOSTA
Recorded: CRE:8 (Edinburgh)
Sound Engineer: TOM S. RAY
Track Edition: YA'AN
Mix & Mastering: TOM S. RAY
Graphics/Cover: N. MALECKA-NOWAK
Year: 2016


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RYMOBITTOFABRYKA is an independent music label created with the hope to bring non commercial music closer to people all across the globe.
Our first and the biggest promise is to allow you to get all our records for free (at our website) or at very minimal cost of manufacturing and postage of the CD's. Everything in the fairest standards and quality that can be achieved by us in relation to our trade, music connections and budget.
We strongly believe that music, like praying or faith, medicine and public rescue services, should be free. Only in this way a musician is an artist and his music is an art. Any other way is changing him/her into a ordinary worker/manufacturer and his art into any other item on the market.
Of course all we live in the time of "papers and digits" without which there is no chance to survive on this wonderful planet. So our solution is to replace/change the existing commercial rules into a kind of "artistic and cultural patronage". Simpler: back to the roots!
Here, in RBTOF, you, the fans decide how much would you like to pay for the particular album or how much you would like to give for a particular artist to allow him to continue his way of life and support his further development. You can do all of that by paying more than minimal cost of manufacturing of CD. To do that you have to simply visit our website: . We always put the minimal price of production and postage only. The rate is provided by others (duplication and printing companies) in accordance to the actual quantity of the particular CD we actually order/produce*
You can get the particular item for this minimal cost or, as said, pay more/donate to support the artist whose music you are actually interested in.
You can be completely sure that even the smallest bit of your payment/donation will go directly to the artist. No "middle-man" or any other "hussle"! It was, it is and it will be guaranteed! Hard to believe? Do not take just our word for it! Contact the artists directly and ask them!
How we, as a RBTOF, exist? On the same rule as our Artists: They are simply deciding if they want to cooperate with us and what bit of donation they are receiving will be left with/passed to RBTOF for further development of our, common brand. Fair? We hope so!
Evviva l'arte!

*it can be a difference between first and next editions of the same album in relation to the quantity ordered from the manufacturer of CDs
**you can also buy/get our CDs from other sources but you have to know, that in this way you're simply paying more than you should and only a very minimal percentage of your money (or even nothing) is landing in the pocket of the artist.
***for more details, download or shopping please visit our website:

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by RYMOBITTOFABRYKA (RBTOF) and the OWNER (YA'AN). To duplicate, publish and ANY other commercial usage of this music, graphic and any other, related item is simply illegal and will be prosecuted. If you plan to do that you have to contact the Owner or RBTOF and obtain a written and signed permission.

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